Questions & Answers

Check here before asking me if you have a problem

[Q] The cheat won't work! What do I do to fix it?

[A] Make sure your browser/antivirus software isn't blocking the file. Like all game hacks, EZfrags can get flagged by antivirus programs because it manipulates the game in a way that wasn't intended by its developer. Clicking the 'Unblock' button in the executable's properties or running the hack as administator is very likely to sort out your problems.

[Q] Is using your public cheat safe as long as I keep it updated?

[A] No. The public cheat has no real protection against VAC, so even if you use the latest public version, you can get VAC banned. You should buy the private version if you want to be safe from VAC.

[Q] Can I run the hack in full screen exclusive mode?

[A] Yes, you can even though the hack is fully external. In fact we don't recommend using any sort of windowed modes. The hack has no overlay, which keeps the game running silky smooth.

[Q] What about updates to the private cheat? How long do I have to wait to receive them?

[A] 95% of CS:GO updates don't break the cheat thanks to our built-in signature and netvar scanner. Should a CS:GO update break the hack, you can expect our hack to be patched within 12 hours. Note that even if the cheat stops working after a large update, running it won't get you VAC banned.

[Q] Will using your multihack lower my FPS?

[A] That is very unlikely. Our cheat has been optimized to be light on resource usage. In fact, on a typical modern system, it consumes less than 1% CPU time on average. RAM usage is negligible.

[Q] Why should I buy the private version of EZfrags as compared to other CS:GO cheats?

[A] Here's a couple of reasons - the cheat never crashes, it doesn't eat your FPS, it has never been VAC detected (every user has a unique build), it features both rage and legit settings, it is very simple to use (do you really want to be overwhelmed by hundreds of settings?), updates are delivered very quickly and our support can help you with whatever issues you may have.